Kotokukan Budo Rengoka連合

  "Hall of classical virtue martial arts association"

Kotokukan Budo Rengokai 

The Kotokukan Budo Rengokai was created with the purpose of teaching and preserving the traditional martial arts of Japan, we seek to provide instruction and certification in the arts in which Sensei Lloyd Allum Hanshi is ranked and holds the relevant Menjo and teaching licence. We are committed to do this in an environment free of politics or prejudice of any kind.

Kotokukan Mission 

The Kotokukan Budo Rengokai  is commited to teaching true Japanese martial arts systems according to traditional teachings using the correct Waza and Kata lists for the particular style that we are teaching . The rank certificates that we issue are only issued to those that demonstrate the level of technical ablity required for each belt level . In this way we can ensure our members eventually become  fully capable, knowledgable martial artsts of the highest standard.

Dojo History

Our school of martial arts that was founded in 1985 by Sensei Mick Miles and was originally based at Suffolk police headquarters (the Ipswich kokamishin Ryu dojo) , Sensei Miles was the leading student and chief instructor of Kokamishin Ryu under its founder  Col R. J. Hobbs. The school has slowly grown and now includes several martial art diciplines, these include Kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu - Kanda Ha Kamishin Ryu Aiki Jitsu - Kotokukan Aiki  Jujutsu - Nippon Seibukan Dojo  Nihon Ju-Jutsu -Toyama Ryu Iaijutsu and Bujutsu giving members the chance to learn varied and interesting techniques and skills.  The school was renamed in 2014 to the Kotokukan Budo Rengokai  after Sensei  Allum was named as the successor and the head of kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu by Sensei Hobbs.  Sensei Allum who is the current president and founder of the Kotokukan Budo Rengokai was an original student of Sensei Mick Miles, he is also a direct student of Col R.J. Hobbs in various martial arts which he now teaches within the Kotokukan Budo Rengokai. 

Soke Don Phillip kaicho and the named inheritor of  Kanda Ha Kamishin Ryu Aiki Jitsu has recognised Sensei Allum as a certified teacher and the UK representative of Kamishin Kai international, this is a great honour coming from Soke Phillip who is one of the few remaining original students of Soke Albert.C. Church the founder of Kamishin Ryu.

Sensei Allum is also a student of the prestigious Nippon Seibukan Academy, Kyoto, Japan having been ranked as 8th Dan - Hanshi  in Nihon Jujutsu and is the current chief instructor of the Nippon Seibukan Dojo UK  Nihon Ju-Jutsu department. The organisation was set up specifically to preserve and protect the traditional Japanese martial arts of Japan including Okinawa.

 Kotokukan Kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu

Gives a good knowledge of Jujutsu techniques that are perfect for use in modern day self-defence situations and is an excellent art for both male and females. The Kamishin Ryu system was developed by Soke Albert Church Jnr, this system was taught directly to several Senior Sensei a few of whom are still teaching the art today. Ko-kamishin Ryu jujutsu was developed by Hanshi Roy J. Hobbs a direct student of Soke Church as a way of honouring Soke Church and preserving the teachings of Kamishin Ryu Jujutsu. In April 2014 Hobbs Hanshi passed the leadership of Ko-kamishin Ryu Jujutsu to Lloyd Allum Hanshi who at that time was the chief instructor of Ko-kamishin Ryu for the Dentokan organisation. Lloyd Allum Hanshi is also a Shihan student and the UK personal representative of Soke Don Phillip who was also a direct student of Soke Church, Soke Phillip is the named inheritor of the Kanda Ha Kamishin Ryu Aiki Jitsu system. Kotokukan is the only dojo in the UK officially authorised to certificate in either Kamishin Ryu Aiki Jutsu or Kokamisin Ryu Jujutsu all ranks issued are on official Kotokukan Budo Rengokai certificates which carry the relevant seals and the signature of Lloyd Allum Hanshi. Anyone seeking to verify certificates that have been issued by other organisations should contact Lloyd Allum Hanshi using the email address given at the bottom of this page.

Pictured above Kamishin Ryu founder Soke Albert Church Jnr

Kotokukan Hakkoryu Jujutsu (Aikijujutsu)

Gives the opportunity to learn a traditional  Aiki Jujutsu style using ancient Waza passed down through the generations. The training syllabus or Waza lists have changed very little in hundreds of yearsLloyd Allum Hanshi is licenced to teach by the Hakkoryu Hombu.Omiya, Japan. 

Pictured above loyd Allum Hanshi Demonstrating Kotokukan Hakkoryu JuJutsu waza .


Kotokukan Toyama Ryu Iaijutsu

Kotokukan Toyama Ryu Iaijutsu is a system made up of the eight drawing and cutting katas which were developed for use by the Japanese military. Toyama Ryu is an excellent system that enables Kotokukan members to learn Japanese sword skills; these skills help one to understand the roots of Jujutsu systems as well as being an excellent tool for teaching footwork, body movement and concentration. Lloyd Allum Hanshi was taught a Nakamura based style of Toyama Ryu directly by Roy J. Hobbs Hanshi who awarded Lloyd Allum Hanshi the level of Sandan in Toyama Ryu Iaijutsu in the month of June 2002.

Class times and venues

We hold regular classes at the following Venues all clsses cost £5.00 per lesson and there is an annual insurance fee of £20.00 per person no exceptions.

Kokamishin Ryu Jujutsu

Thursday evening 8pm until 9.30pm at Suffolk new college Ipswich in the upper studio of the goals soccer center building. The Dojo is air conditioned there is free parking on site, also free changing rooms and showers.

Kotokukan Hakkoryu Jujutsu

Saturday Mornings 10am - 11.45am at St Mary Magdalene church hall, highfield approach off Norwich road, Ipswich Suffolk. There is free parking onsite.

If you require further information please email or call us on  07949 107150

Contact Us  :-   mail@kotokukandojo.org.uk